Home of the ORIGINAL Pickleball Machine

Home of the ORIGINAL Pickleball Machine

Simon2, our second generation and much upgraded Pickleball Machine, offers industry leading features, advanced technology, unsurpassed quality and the best overall value.


Why Choose A SIMON2?

When you consider all of SIMON's features, you quickly understand why true Pickleball enthusiasts choose SIMON.
Longest Battery Life
SIMON2 offers a 6 hour battery life standard vs our competitors 3 hours. They charge up to $170 more for a very heavy external battery pack you need to lug around to match our standard 6 hours.

Highest Quality
SIMON2 is all metal- steel and heavy gauge aluminum. It's Super heavy duty and built to last yet only weighs 32 lbs. Our competitors are plastic and weigh from 29 to 35 lbs.

Biggest Capacity
With room for 160 balls, SIMON2 offers 30% more capacity then our competitors. It also throws a perfect "flat" shot which duplicates real shots you see during play allowing you to work on proper stroke mechanics. Machines that throw topspin or backspin are useless as the exaggerated spin they produce you will NEVER see from a human being during actual play.

True Wireless Option
The SIMON2 true wireless remote works up to 100' outdoor or indoor. It's free when you use code "freeremote" during checkout. Our competitors charge up to $170 more for a wireless remote.

Dinks & Lobs
SIMON2 has a patented adjustable ramp that throws up PERFECT lobs and dinks. No other machine even comes close. It is hands down the best machine in the World to practice that soft game and 3rd shot in the kitchen as well as overhead smashes and high volleys.

We Got Wheels
SIMON2 is ultra easy to move around the court with its standard wheels and carry with its built in metal handle. Our competitors either do not have wheels or a handle to lift making it very awkward and difficult to transport.

What our customers have to say

I am new to Pickleball and after hours of research I realized the SIMON2 was simply the best value and highest performing machine. Dealing direct with the manufacturer made me feel 100% confident in my purchase.
I love my new Simon2 ! The wireless remote and wheels are great. A friend has a Tutor and she has to bring a table to set her machine on top of to do lobs and dinks. My adjustable ramp throws up perfect lobs and dinks all day long, it wears me out. Thank you, I'm a fan!
I like that Simon is made in the USA and is so solid. I look forward to many years of use. My return of serve and dinks have already improved and the cardio workout I get is awesome. My pickleball buddies are always trying to borrow my Simon !
We have the original Simon and a Tutor and just ordered the new Simon2 second generation machine. So you can tell our preference for reliability and consistency. I am looking forward to including it in my training program!