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How big is Simon X and how much does he weigh ?

Simon X is 38" high, 14.5" in diameter and weighs 65 lbs. He is a military grade built machine designed to last forever. He has two handles, one on the top and one at the bottom which makes it easier to lift. To lift Simon X safely we recommend two people do so, one at the top bar and the other at the lower stainless steel bar. He can lay flat on his side on a soft cushioned surface when transported in a vehicle.

What type of warranty does Simon X have ?

His warranty is the same as Simon2. 3 years on parts and 1 year on the battery. Our 2 pitch/throw wheels, the most important part of any Pickleball throwing machine are military grade and will never wear out. We have a LIFETIME warranty on them, our competitors do not. They have just a 2 and 3 year warranty. Please see the “warranty” tab at the bottom of the home page for more details.

Does Simon X have any extra options you need to buy ?

Simon X comes fully loaded with everything so there is no need to pay more for any additional features.

How many balls does Simon X hold in the hopper ?

Simon X will hold 120 balls. An optional extra ball hopper will be offered in the future that will add an additional 60 balls to make the total capacity 180.

What type of balls perform best in Simon X ?

Simon X will perform well with the Dura Fast 40 ball, the Onix Pure2 or Fuse G2 ball or the Franklin X40 ball. We recommend these three brands. Do not use any off brand balls. If you have a question on a certain ball please contact us.

What type of battery does Simon X use ?

The powerful Simon X battery will give you 10-12 hours of play which is 3 to 5 times more than our competitors. It is a high capacity super heavy duty acid filled smart battery that will have a life expectancy of 2+ years depending on usage. The built in AC feature allows you to plug Simon X into any outlet and let him run all day. The included fast charger will charge your battery and also is used for the AC. We recommend using a heavy gauge extension cord when needed.

What type of maintenance does Simon X require ?

Simon X requires very little maintenance. The most important part of maintaining consistent performance in any Pickleball Throwing Machine is to keep the 2 pitch/throw wheels clean of plastic ball residue buildup. This is easily done by using strips of duct tape and takes under 5 minutes to do so. You can use a garden type blower to clean the outside and inside of Simon X

Can I run SIMON2 while he is being charged and can I use him if it is wet out ?

No ! Never turn him on while the battery charger is connected. Doing so can damage the “smart” battery. Also never use him during wet conditions as it could damage the internal mechanisms and electrical systems.

Can I buy a spare SIMON2 battery?

Yes, Contact us at customer service for the item #. Buy a replacement from us or any Batteries Plus Bulbs store nationwide for around $35. Normal battery life expectancy is 2 years plus.

How long has the manufacturer of SIMON2 been in business?

Big Whale Promo, the parent company of pickleballmachine.com has been in business for over 20 years and as an established business we are here to take care of any needs you may have now and in the future.

How much does SIMON2 weigh and how big is he ?

Despite his military built stainless steel and heavy duty aluminum construction he is compact and only weighs 32 lbs., he’s 30” tall and 13” wide. He fits nicely and safely in any vehicle, preferably laying flat on his side. With his included wheels he can easily be moved over any smooth surface. With the built in carry handle he can be pulled, lifted and securely locked using a rubber coated bicycle chain.

How many pickleballs can SIMON2 hold and does he OSCILLATE ?

SIMON2 can hold a WHOPPING 160 balls or 30-50% more than our competitors. He holds 70 in his main hopper and with the included “Funnel” attachment an additional 90. Dura-Fast 40 Pickleballs will give you the most consistent performance from Simon2 and Onix balls work well also. A new optional OSCILLATING platform is now available to give any Simon machine random oscillation. Contact Mike for more details.

Does SIMON2 come with adjustable feed & speed controls?

Yes ! With his standard "turbo" carousel he can feed balls from 1.5 to 10 seconds with speeds of 10 mph (dinks) to 60 mph (drives). He has variable controls for both feed & speed.

Where is SIMON2 made?

He is proudly made in the USA, is military grade built out of stainless steel and HD aluminum and designed to provide years of trouble free performance. Our customer service is unmatched and you will always reach a human being who knows Simon2 inside and out and who also plays and understands the game.

What is SIMON2 made of?

He is made of stainless steel and HD aluminum and his internal motors & drive mechanisms have a long industry history & track record of unsurpassed durability & dependability. His 2 pitch wheels that throw the balls out are coated with a super durable hard urethane rubber that will never wear out, giving you years of consistent performance. Our competitors wheels are soft urethane and will beak down due to the sharp hole edges in Pickleballs eroding their surface. This will result in a dramatic decrease in performance and accuracy. Simon2 will outlast and outperform all plastic machines such as the Lobster & Tutor.

Does SIMON2 have a warranty?

Yes, 3 years on the machine and 1 year on the “smart” battery. Our 2 pitch/throw wheels, the most important part of any Pickleball throwing machine are military grade and will never wear out. We have a LIFETIME warranty on them, our competitors do not. Please see the “warranty” tab at the bottom of the home page for more details.

What type of battery does SIMON2 use?

He uses a 12 volt sealed lead acid battery. It is a “smart” battery and can be re-charged at any time. A single charge will last up to 6 hours. He will tire you out! Our competitor's battery will give you 2-3 hours of use.